Message from the Bishop


Dear Friends, 
Welcome to the Web Page for the Episcopal Church of Costa Rica.  We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  
The Episcopal Church (Anglican) had its beginnings with the English  merchants around the year 1860.  Historically, the Costa Rican Episcopal Church has been colonial, English speaking, and a chaplaincy to Anglos and Blacks.  Since the 1960's, this has changed, but because of financial difficulties, we have not been able to minister more intentionally to the Hispanic population.
The opportunities for mission expansion abound throughout Costa Rica.  These opportunities can be met by a diocesan mission inspired to build the Kingdom of God throughout the Republic of Costa Rica.  The Diocese of Costa Rica is committed to this mission.
It is to this exciting ministry that the members of the Costa Rican Episcopal Church are called at this point in history.
We need to recruit and train more leaders, both lay and ordained.  We need to strengthen our social outreach programs, enhance our kindergarten and school programs, continue to work with young people, and improve our programs for the elderly.
Do you want to join us in this ministry?  Please contact us by mail, phone, or email.