How You Can Help


Ways in which you can help the Episcopal Church of Costa Rica...


  • Prayers...Continued prayers are always needed to support the work and mission of Jesus Christ through the Episcopal Church of Costa Rica.


  • Volunteer opportunities...Many groups and individuals have given their time to work on various mission projects sponsored by the Episcopal Church of Costa Rica.  Projects have included helping to build new churches as well as volunteering with Hogar Escuela or San Marcos Education Center.


  • Financial support...Financial resources are very much needed to maintain our current ministry, as well as to expand God's work through the Episcopal Church in Costa Rica.  Your contributions are always appreciated and needed (and, of course, tax deductible).


Do you want to join us in this ministry?  Please contact us by mail, phone, or email.

The Episcopal Church of Costa Rica

Apartado 2773-1000.  San Jose, Costa Rica  
Tel: 011-506-253-0790, Fax: 011-506-253-8331