San Marcos Education Center

                      Puerto Limon, Costa Rica


What is San Marcos Education Center?

San Marcos Education Center was opened in 1973 as a part of the Episcopal Church's social mission.  The Center's mission is the preparation of Limon children, of all ages, for studies at the University level.  

It is the Church's hope that, through the bilingual (Spanish and English) education and programs they receive at San Marcos, the children will have improved access to higher education, better jobs, and brighter futures.

The San Marcos Education Center's four main objectives are... 

  • the opportunity to receive a quality bilingual education
  • to reinforce the cultural identity of all children from Limon
  • to promote the Afro-Carribean culture of the children who attend San Marcos
  • to strengthen the moral and spirtual lives of the children

The Church's vision for the San Marcos Education Center is to construct a complete educational center with all the necessary modern amenities to educate students for the 21st Century. 

Please contact us for more information on ways you can help the Church realize this vision in Limon.

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